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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 types of excavation?
The three main types of excavation are topsoil excavation, earth excavation, and rock excavation. Each type is used for different purposes depending on the nature of the construction project.

How do you estimate an excavation job?
Estimating an excavation job involves several factors, including the size and depth of the excavation, the type of soil, and the equipment needed. It's always best to consult with a professional excavation company for an accurate estimate.

What are the two types of excavation?
The two main types of excavation are trench excavation and basement excavation. Trench excavation is used for laying pipes or cables, while basement excavation is used for building foundations.

What is excavation services?
Excavation services involve the removal of soil and rock from a site to form a cavity or open face. This is typically done for construction purposes, such as building foundations or installing utilities.

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